Selling a House? Ask Your Realtor® These Crucial Questions

Selling a House? Ask Your Realtor® These Crucial Questions

Navigating East Bay real estate to get the best deal on a home can be a tedious task. Hiring a skilled real estate agent, like me, can not only make the process smooth and efficient but also help you sell your home faster and earn more money.
However, when it comes to choosing a Realtor®, you have the right to be picky in this regard. After all, your Realtor® can literally make or break your sale. This is why interviewing, me, your real estate agent is just as essential for home sellers as it is for first-time homebuyers.
Below are some of the main questions you should ask your potential real estate agent. It can help you pinpoint the Realtor® who is right for you.

What Are your Credentials?

A Realtor®’s track record may not guarantee you a quick sale, but it can ensure a successful one. Their past performance is proof of their skills and abilities. In other words, it can give you a clear idea of whether or not they can handle the task of selling your home at the right price efficiently and effectively. See Keri O'Reilly's closed sales.

Can You Provide a List of Referrals?

During your first meeting with a professional real estate agent, they are likely to arrive prepared with a list of referrals. However, if they don’t provide the list on their own, make sure to ask for it. An agent who avoids giving recommendations from their previous clients should raise some red flags. Moreover, while you are looking into the referrals, inquire about the price range and the listing’s average days on the market for the deals they have closed in the past. See Keri O'Reilly's client testimonials.

In Which Neighborhood Do You Specialize?

Ideally, you should hire a Realtor® who specializes in the same area where your property is located. So, if you are selling a house in the East Bay area, your agent should know their way around the East Bay real estate market. Not only are local agents skilled at determining the best price for your property, but they also have vast knowledge about potential buyers in the region. See the communities Keri O'Reilly serves.

How Do You Set the Listing Price?

Your agent must take a methodical and data-driven approach to set the listing price of your property. So, make sure to inquire about what process they will be following to price your home. Similarly, don’t be hesitant to ask them about their marketing strategy and the list-to-price ratio. The list-to-price ratio indicates how their set price compares to the price at which the property goes out. A Realtor® who has a high list-to-price ratio in competitive markets such as Danville real estate is more likely to help negotiate a deal that’s in your favor.

Ending Note

Selling your home is one of the biggest transactions you will undertake in your life. Therefore, take your time getting comfortable with me, your Realtor®, before you proceed with the sale process. Asking these questions can help you find the best East Bay real estate agent in no time.
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